Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Problem in Blackberry Research in Motion

Blackberry users in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa are facing problems in using black berry Email, Browsing and Messaging Service. It is already losing market to Apple and Samsung smart phones. This problem will cause a very negative impact on Blackberry RIM smart phones. Blackberry said there was switching failure in its private network. But they are unable to analyze what might be the problem for a third consecutive day. They should find the answer for the problem as soon as possible. So that the users sentiments will not be affected.
Stephen Bates manager of Blackberry RIM UK said the problem was due to data corruption.They are working hard on it, and solve it as soon as possible.
Estimates said that RIM is going to loss $100 millions due to Blackberry Mess. See the cost of not fixing the issue at initial stage.

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