Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blackberry awarded $100 free apps to its patience users

Blackberry played a strategic game to award $100 free apps to its patience users. It has also offered a free technical support to it's customers for one month. To avoid extra loss from impatient users Blackberry has taken the loss to itself. Estimates of market earlier said that Blackberry has already lost $100 millions. Adding to that "$100 million loss + Blackberry awarded $100 free apps to its patience users + one month free technical support". See the effect of neglecting it's customers and not testing application perfectly.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Unwanted text in TCS career website(Error)

I was searching manual testing jobs in LinkedIn website. Suddenly I was there was an urgent opening in TCS pune. I have clicked on that link, it has directed me to Monster site. In monster site there were two buttons given along with entire description of the job. The two buttons were "Registered User" and "New User". I have clicked on "Registered User" button, application has directed me to TCS career site. There I found a minor issue of unwanted text.
Even I am attaching the screen shot where I found the error.

Steve jobs view on India

Indians have used their left part of brain perfectly and they are good at Engineering. But to make a new product there should be courage to fail. Also they have to use both parts of brain right and left. In USA even if we fail, our community will favor & accept it. But where as in India there is no place for failure. Everyone will be trying to pull down that guy who has failed. I have developed products like iPad,iPhone, i Mac & iTunes with great courage. Even if failure occurs I will accept it. May be it is with difference of cultures in India and Western countries. Please see the great words of Jobs and take courage to initiate. Even if you fail nothing will happen. At least you have tried to attempt something instead of sitting ideal.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great results for SEO work and Social Networking

1)Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
2)In the address bar type "www.google.com"
3)In search box enter keyword as "santosh shinde'.
4)See the results of my name in Web Search and Image Search.
I am uploading the results as images.

mikrotik httpproxy error: 404 bad request

If you get this type of error "mikrotik httpproxy error: 404 bad request" while using Facebook. Just clear the history of the browser.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Facebook commits mistake in its latest app for ipad.

A user find bugs in Facebook app for iPad. See testing is how much important for any organization. The organization may be a budding organization or it may be a top organization. Users feel that Facebook may have tested the app well before it's release to users. The cost of fixing a bug after it's release will be thousand times more before it's Prerelease fix. Every organization has to take care of it's resources and benefit from the resources to maximum extent.
Facebook app for iPad bug

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Problem in Blackberry Research in Motion

Blackberry users in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa are facing problems in using black berry Email, Browsing and Messaging Service. It is already losing market to Apple and Samsung smart phones. This problem will cause a very negative impact on Blackberry RIM smart phones. Blackberry said there was switching failure in its private network. But they are unable to analyze what might be the problem for a third consecutive day. They should find the answer for the problem as soon as possible. So that the users sentiments will not be affected.
Stephen Bates manager of Blackberry RIM UK said the problem was due to data corruption.They are working hard on it, and solve it as soon as possible.
Estimates said that RIM is going to loss $100 millions due to Blackberry Mess. See the cost of not fixing the issue at initial stage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Error in Religare Racepro 999 Trading Account

I have tried to login into my race pro 999 trading account. But every time, it is showing error message as server not responding. Religare should take care of this type of errors. Every time one or the other issues popups from their trading software. Customers get irritated by seeing these type of issues in frequent usage of their software.

Today the Religare IT department guy gave a call to me. He said me that he will access system and resolve the issue. I said okay you access my team my system. He has taken my system access using team viewer software and resolved the issue by again reinstalling the software.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Science & Imagination brought a movie like Jurassic Park

Science & Imagination brought a good movie like Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993. DNA was taken from mosquito blood. Advanced stop motion test for Jurassic park was done by Tippett.
Video of testing part of Dinosaur motion.
Creativity & Imagination can create wonders in any field. Phil Tippet's T Rex motion and his ability in testing it effectively has created wonders. Phil tippets R & D and his creativity stints has given excellent T-Rex movement. His determination in testing T-Rex motion is excellent. He has failed several times but at last succeeded in giving excellent T-Rex motion.