Saturday, September 24, 2011

Concept is essential for any type of work.

Concept is essential for any type of work. Even while studying we have to learn the concept without mugging it up. The best example we can take from 3 Idiots movie is speech of Chatur. Chatur is chosen for giving speech on the occasion of Teacher's Day.
Chatur has convinced the librarian to write the speech in Hindi. Amir Khan changes the word chamatkar to balatkar in that written speech which means doing rape. Chatur instead of understanding what is written in the speech simply mugs it up. On the occasion of Teacher's Day, he starts reading the speech on stage. It will be a full time comedy. In today's life style same theory applies, instead of mugging up the concept understand the concept. Otherwise same thing can happen with you in coming future.
Please find the video clip of chatur's speech.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Route Cause Analysis

I was working on my PC and suddenly my PC was stopped working. Monitor's light was blinking. But CPU was not working. I have rechecked all the outside power connections and tried to restart, but still my CPU was not working. Then I have opened my CPU and checked all the inner connections. Even inner connections were also good. I have checked all the data cables and one data cable was broken. The data cable which connects Hard Disk with mother board was broken. Later on I have replaced the broken data cable with a new one and my PC was working perfectly. This is similar to route cause analysis. In route cause analysis we will analyze all the problems and find the route cause of the problem. So that the process works better.