Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A leader is one who knows how to manage failure.

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam was the head of a satellite launch project. He was given all the resources like Human Resource, Money and deadline to launch the satellite till 1980.They have worked together as a team and on fine day they were ready to launch the satellite. Due to some display problem, they were unable to see the reading.But the technical team said, it is fine they can launch the satellite in the orbit.But the project was a utter failure.The rocket and satellite were fallen down into Bay of Bengal.On the same day there was press conference and the whole India was watching the press conference. Dr.Satish Dhawan director of  ISRO came to attend the press conference and said that we have tried our best but the satellite launch project was a failure. Again in 1985 we have tried and successfully launched the satellite in earth's orbit. Dr.Satish Dhawan said Mr.APJ Adbul kalam to attend the press conference.By this incidence we can leadership should have the capacity to withstand the failure.
A leader is one who knows how to manage failure.

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