Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My experiences while testing Arabian Nights website

www.arabiannightsstore.com is an online web portal which is built using Presta Shop. The website is a product related website. Main products of arabian nights store are Hookhas, Perfumes, Spa and Perfumes.

While testing I was worried about one issue i.e., the currency displayed on website should be Indian Currency, but after going to pay pal the currency should be converted to dollars. But the problem is session is remaining and due to that total website currency is getting converted into dollars after clicking on checkout. How ever we have solved this issue.

Another issue was related to image uploading. I have uploaded all the products using csv file. When I uploaded products using csv in staging site, it was working perfectly. But when I was trying to upload it in live server, images were not uploading. The problem was our hosting department created the account keeping PHP in safe mode. After disabling the PHP in safe mode, the images were perfectly uploading to the live site.

This was my experience while testing Arabian Nights website. I request all the testing platform people to share their knowledge on what ever experiences they have faced. Only by sharing knowledge will improve.


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