Thursday, November 18, 2010

Browser Compatibility Issue in yahoo flicker
Daily I used to see news through yahoo flicker.
On Nov 18th When I was seeing the news through yahoo flicker. I have seen four flicks but when clicked to see fifth one. Application was redirecting me to first one. I have tried in fire fox browser and later tried in IE. But in IE7 the application was working perfectly, but where as in fire fox application was not working.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exploratory Testing

I have heard this word from reading many blogs. Generally I will read the blogs of Cem Caner and James Bach etc etc.

Exploratory testing is nothing but knowing the system our self without having any idea about the system. We need to have creativity to think about the system and what is the purpose of the system. The system may be software or any product.

Do we need any testing certification for testing any product or software?
In my sense certifications are not at all essential things. We need to develop the skill of testing by our self. If any software is given to us for testing then first make sure you do exploratory testing. By doing exploratory testing you will get some idea about the software or product. After doing exploratory testing read the specifications document. Then you can know more about the software and product. Cover all the specifications while testing the product. Do as much research as possible about the software. So that you can know more about the software.

Ask your self the below questions.

Why the client is developing this software?
What is the intention of client behind developing this software?