Sunday, August 22, 2010

About me:

My name is Santhosh Shinde and I am from Hyderabad in India. I am a Software Testing Engineer and mathematician. Both disciplines help me make sure sites are left perfect when testing them. I am proficient at manual testing and I am fully trained in building scenarios for automated testing.

Why does your site or software need a Software Testing Engineer? Here are 7 great reasons:

1)Failures due to improper testing
1. Microsoft’s Anti-Unix Site Crashes: Was not tested on different OS/Environments before switching from one environment to another.
2. Cisco Flaw Enables DoS Attack: Not properly tested for integration with different products other than that of the producer.
3. Computer Glitch causes £22m Tax Error: Not properly tested the system as a whole. Lack of sufficient system testing to take care of data transfer aspects.
4. Yahoo Glitch strikes again: The system was not properly tested to see whether all its components successfully integrated before going live.
- all problems and failures due to lack of or ineffectiveness of testing effort.

2)To get adequate trust and confidence on the product.
3)To meet the Organizational Goals
-like meeting requirements, satisfied customers, improved market share, zero defects, etc
-Since the software can perform 100000 correct
operations per second, it has the same ability to
perform 100000 wrong operations per second, if
not tested properly
4)Any client who has given a task will satisfy only when the task works perfectly. Similarly in the field of Software development also the client will satisfy when the software works perfectly. The software may be a website or program or anything.
5)Repeat works will be possible only if you give bug free application.
6)Users satisfaction is more important for any application. The application may a website, Desktop application or any software. It is possible only if your application is good.
7)Business totally depends upon how good you deliver you application.

I have worked on many large sites and even small sites. Here is a small list of sites I have helped:

I am a consultant and can consult on your projects. I will be more affordable than Engineers in other countries and will be more motivated and more respectful due to our Indian strong work ethic! I provide you with a FREE initial consultation and charge a reasonable rate for all the work I do. Since I have the number one blog on the net on software testing you know my value. Let me help you make your project work perfectly!
Software Testing Course

Thursday, August 19, 2010

yahoo search through QTP

InvokeApplication "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore"
Browser("name:=Yahoo! India").Page("title:=Yahoo! India").WebEdit("html id:=p_13838465-p").Set DataTable.Value("Yahoo_Search", dtGlobalSheet)
Browser("name:=Yahoo! India").Page("title:=Yahoo! India").WebButton("html id:=search-submit").Click
Browser("opentitle:= Yahoo! India").Close

Friday, August 6, 2010

Logging into gmail account using VB Script

InvokeApplication "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore"
Browser("Gmail: Email from Google").Page("Gmail: Email from Google").WebEdit("Email").Set ""
Browser("Gmail: Email from Google").Page("Gmail: Email from Google").WebEdit("html id:=Passwd"). Set "test123"
Browser("Gmail: Email from Google").Page("Gmail: Email from Google").WebButton("value:=Sign in").Click

Script for searching images through google

InvokeApplication "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore"
Browser("name:=Google Images").Page("title:=Google Images").WebEdit("html tag:=INPUT"). Set "Restaurants in qatar"
Browser("name:=Google Images").Page("title:=Google Images").WebButton("html tag:=INPUT").Click