Thursday, February 18, 2010

Problems faced while using Religare realtime trading account.

I am having a online trading account with Religare and they have implemented a new software Racepro.
Earlier used version of racepro was slight better than the current version.

Before implementing the software proper testing need to be done. The software should be released only once the quality team approves the software.
But when I was using the new version of racepro. I faced lot of problems, I was unable to allocate and release my shares from my demat account.

I didn't except these kind of bugs from a reputed company like Religare.

Any system should be thoroughly checked before releasing it. If customer's get repeated problems then the reputation of the company will be spoiled.
There will be a chance of losing customers. Sometimes page not found error, sometimes functionality errors.
Means the system is not performing the required task. I used to make screen shots of problems faced by me and sent them through email.

Finding a bug before release is far better than solving it afterwards.

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