Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Importance of proposal in getting a project.

Proposal writing is an art which most of the people get by experience. Proposal should be crystal clear and everything should be mentioned in a clear way. The procedure followed by a company for making a project successful.The technology used by the company to make a particular project, contents, client requirement, programming language used, type of back to store data i.e., database type, duration, payment,release of first module, quality assurance.Gathering client requirement and understanding the requirement is very important to make a project successful.

The phases in which the project will be completed.
Staging server,Testing Server and Live server.

Quality is the key component to make a project successful. If the project is delivered without proper quality then the client will be dissatisfied and we cannot expect future prospects from the client. Making client happy is very important.

Scope of work should be clearly mentioned, so that their will be no conflict between us and client in future proceedings.

Delivery on time is key thing for making a project successful. Missing deadline will make the client not only dissatisfied and also chance to miss the future projects.
Fine will be charged even for missing the deadlines.