Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is test planning?

The testing effort starts when you begin test planning and test case design.Depending on the thoroughness of the specifications and your schedule, you can start planning as soon as the requirement document is circulated.

IEEE Standard definition of Test Plan:
A detailed report of how the testing will proceed, how will do the testing,what will be tested,in how much time the testing will be completed, and to what quality level the testing will be completed.

Here i am giving real time project test plan template

Test Plan Template:

Name of the product: Web site regarding car site.
Euro Imports
Name of preparers
Kavitha, Karthik, Rushyendra and Santosh

Table of contents:
Introduction:Euro Imports is a site which deals with the display of Automobiles i.e. cars. It consists of two parts admin and front end. Admin will display the cars from the back end and users will see the details and price. Users can send there feed to admin regarding the cars displayed. Depending on the user feedback admin will contact user by phone or email.

Objectives and task
Business objectives:Why the client is opting for a website.
Reasons may be
1) To attain New Customers.
2) To attain more sales to existing.
3) To cut down expenses of advertising costs.
4) To lower distribution costs.
5) Faster Information.
6) To give better customer service.

Testing Objectives:
1)To satisfy customer.
2)To give error free website.

What kind of testing you are doing?
Is the testing manual one or automated one.
If it is manual then you need to test everything manually i.e., functionality, GUI, Browser compatibility, OS Compatibility, Load Testing.
How you are reporting your errors?
The errors should be reported in simple way. So that the programmer can understand quickly and able to resolve the bug.
If you write the bug report in a lengthy way and not exactly to the point. Then there is a chance that the programmer will reject the bug.
The test lead will decide that how will do testing,in how much time the testing should be completed and up to what extent the testing has been completed.
How will do post testing?
I.e when some modifications are done in the build then who will do regression testing.

Scope of the project:
This section describes what is being tested, such as Functionality, GUI, Performance of a website.
Basically this is a website of automobiles which display cars.
The site should be browser compatible.
I.e., site should be displayed properly in all the browsers without any design errors and functionality errors.

Unit Testing:

Unit testing is basically done by programmer's. In unit testing one small module will be taken by programmer and will be tested so that it behaves exactly as required. For example a registration form will be tested for validation and after that integrated with the other modules.

System and Integration Testing:
Once all the modules are completed. Then integration test is performed to test all the modules and check whether the system is behaving as expected.
For example in an ecommmerce website where products are displayed for selling. We will test whether the order process is accurately done by giving a test order after integration of all the modules.

User Acceptance Testing:
User acceptance test is done by customer to check whether the requirements are met perfectly. The customer will check the site before making it live.
Hardware Requirements:

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