Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Testing Methods

Software testing methods are traditionally divided into Black box testing and White box Testing.

Black Box testing is nothing but simply testing the functionality,GUI and validations without going through the code.

The software tester only knows what the system is supposed to do, he does not know how it works internally.He has to work on the basis of expected outputs.
Example: System Testing

Usually manual testers follow black box testing.

When Coding is finished, the program goes to the Testing Group for further testing. You will find and report errors and get a new version for testing. It will have old errors that you didn't find before and it will have new errors.

  • The Probability of changing the program correctly on the first try is only 50% if the change involves ten or fewer source statements.
  • The probability of changing the program correctly on the first try is only 20% if the change involves around 50 statements.

Black box testing is mainly used in websites.

A websites mainly consists of admin, front and database.

Admin is controlled by the owner, front end is used by users and database is used to store information relating to users and transactions done by the users.

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