Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to prove yourself as a good Tester?

First of all before testing any application know the application and what is the use of it.

For example : If we are testing a site related to Bouquet.

The site will consists of front end , back end and database.

Front end is where users will log in and will order bouquets and in the back end admin will manage all the orders given by the users. All the information related to user log in's and orders will be stored in database.

The payment will be done depending on the gate way they have used.
For example pay pal.


Don't start with the assumption that the developed software will not have bugs. Any software will not be 100% bug free. Always start the testing thinking that there are lot of bugs.

Good domain knowledge should be there to design good test cases.

Maintain good relationship with developers.

Learn form the mistakes.

Don't get ego feeling when the bugs which you have raised are not fixed.

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