Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what are the different software testing examinations conducted?

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The details regarding different software testing examinations conducted can be known by going through the following site.Click Here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you know where the 4th Annual Conference of Software Testing Association is held?

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The 4th Annual Conference of Software Testing Association is held in Colorado Springs, Colorado from July 13-16, 2009.

Are soft skills important for testers?

Soft skills are definitely important for every tester. In real time projects some times tester have to chat with client. The chat may be voice chat or non-voice. To be able to understand what exactly client wants. We need to understand first what exactly he is speaking. Generally the accent of clients from UK and USA will be different. If you are chatting in messenger then you can easily manage. Otherwise it will be difficult to manage in voice chat because first of all we need to understand what exactly he is speaking.

For facing challenges like this we need to have soft skills. Any way all this we will gain through experience. But be prepared to face the challenges.

Education Services by HP

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HP is offering a wide variety of education services for it's users.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to prove yourself as a good Tester?

First of all before testing any application know the application and what is the use of it.

For example : If we are testing a site related to Bouquet.

The site will consists of front end , back end and database.

Front end is where users will log in and will order bouquets and in the back end admin will manage all the orders given by the users. All the information related to user log in's and orders will be stored in database.

The payment will be done depending on the gate way they have used.
For example pay pal.


Don't start with the assumption that the developed software will not have bugs. Any software will not be 100% bug free. Always start the testing thinking that there are lot of bugs.

Good domain knowledge should be there to design good test cases.

Maintain good relationship with developers.

Learn form the mistakes.

Don't get ego feeling when the bugs which you have raised are not fixed.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White Box Testing

What is White Box Testing?

White Box Testing is also called as Glass Box Testing.

Testing the code is nothing but white box testing.

White box testing is nothing but going through the structure of the code. When you know the internal structure of the product then you can perfectly test all the specifications.

Under White box testing the below given specifications are covered.

Code Coverage

Segment Coverage

Branch Coverage or Node Testing

Compound Condition Coverage

Basis Path Testing

Data Flow Testing

Path Testing

Loop Testing

Testing Methods

Software testing methods are traditionally divided into Black box testing and White box Testing.

Black Box testing is nothing but simply testing the functionality,GUI and validations without going through the code.

The software tester only knows what the system is supposed to do, he does not know how it works internally.He has to work on the basis of expected outputs.
Example: System Testing

Usually manual testers follow black box testing.

When Coding is finished, the program goes to the Testing Group for further testing. You will find and report errors and get a new version for testing. It will have old errors that you didn't find before and it will have new errors.

  • The Probability of changing the program correctly on the first try is only 50% if the change involves ten or fewer source statements.
  • The probability of changing the program correctly on the first try is only 20% if the change involves around 50 statements.

Black box testing is mainly used in websites.

A websites mainly consists of admin, front and database.

Admin is controlled by the owner, front end is used by users and database is used to store information relating to users and transactions done by the users.

Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

Finding bugs or errors in the developed software is called Software testing.

Why Software testing is essential in the present scenario?

Any client who has given a task will satisfy only when the task works perfectly. Similarly in the field of Software development also the client will satisfy when the software works perfectly. The software may be a website or program or anything.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Failures due to improper testing

1. Microsoft’s Anti-Unix Site Crashes: Was not tested on different OS/Environments before switching from one environment to another.
2. Cisco Flaw Enables DoS Attack: Not properly tested for integration with different products other than that of the producer.
3. Computer Glitch Causes £22m Tax Error: Not properly tested the system as a whole. Lack of sufficient system testing to take care of data transfer aspects.
4. Yahoo Glitch strikes again: The system was not properly tested to see whether all its components successfully integrated before going live.
- all problems and failures due to lack of or ineffectiveness of testing effort.

Successful Software Testing
- Depends on how EFFICIENTLY the Testing
Process is INTEGRATED into the Software
Development Process

Some more types of Testing

- Configuration Testing
- Installation Testing
- Load Testing
- Stress Testing
- Reliability Testing
- Recovery Testing
- Localization Testing
- Protocol Testing, etc

Different Types of Testing

- Unit Testing
- Integration Testing
- Functional Testing
- System Testing
- Acceptance Testing
- Regression testing
- Usability testing
- Performance testing
- Security testing

Reviews and walk through
Reviews: A group of persons (author need not be one among them) look for errors, mistaken assumptions, lack of clarity and deviation from standard practice
E.g., Review of Specifications, Project Plans etc
Walk-through: Similar to review and will be informal, usually conducted by the members of the group which will include the author
For E.g., Improving Programming Logic, Design approach etc

Unit Testing
- Testing of single program, module, or unit of code
- Validates that system performs as designed
- Also called Module Testing or Element Testing
Integration Testing
- Testing of related programs, modules, or units of code
- Validates that multiple parts of the system interact according to the system design
Functional Testing
- Functional requirements are tested by feeding the input and examining the output to the expected outputs
- Functional tests are a type of Black Box Testing
System Testing
- Testing of entire system
- Can include functional and non functional testing such as stress testing
- Validates the system as a whole
Acceptance Testing
- Testing the system behavior against customer’s requirements
- Customers undertake typical tasks to check their requirements
- Done at the customer’s premises on the production similar environment.

Regression Testing
Selective retesting to detect faults introduced
during modification of a system or system component, to verify that modifications have not caused unintended adverse effects, or to verify that a modified system or system component still meets its specified requirements.
Usability Testing
Selective retesting to detect faults introduced
during modification of a system or system component, to verify that modifications have not caused unintended adverse effects, or to verify that a modified system or system component still meets its specified requirements.
Performance Testing
Specifically aimed at verifying that the system
meets the specified performance requirements like
-response time
- Transactional throughput –depends on the target values specified in the contract
Eg:-100 typical searches/min
50 quotes/hour
5 MB of files downloaded/sec etc
- no of concurrent users
Security Testing
- Verify how easily a system is subject to security violations under different conditions and environments.

Introduction to Software Testing

Some Software Failures
1. Microsoft’s Anti-Unix Site Crashes; Apr 3, 2002 : A marketing Web site, part of a multi-million dollar campaign by Microsoft and Unisys to get customers to switch from Unix, is turning into a major embarrassment. www.wehavethewayout.com which was powered by Unix kit and that, when Microsoft switched it to Internet Information Server software, the site crashed completely.
2. Cisco Flaw Enables DoS Attack; Apr 2, 2002 : Vulnerability in Cisco’s CallManager software can result in a memory leak in the computer telephony framework causing the server to crash, which could be used by a hacker to start a denial of service (DoS) attack. The fault is most commonly seen when CallManager systems are integrated with a directory such as Active Directory or Netscape.
3. Computer Glitch Causes £22m Tax Error; Mar 22, 2002: The Inland Revenue has said that computer problems were responsible for an estimated 134,000 basic ratetaxpayers being overcharged by a total of £22m. Individual taxpayers paid an average of £148 over the odds because of data transfer problems between the national insurance computer system and the PAYE system.
4. Yahoo Glitch strikes again; Mar 20, 2002: Parts of Yahoo were shut down on Tuesday following software problems encountered in the integrating of Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Clubs.

What is Testing?
The process of detecting & identifying defects,
where a defect is any variance between
actual and expected results.
- Reporting the above and
- Taking necessary corrective measures

What is Software Testing?
- Process of executing a program with the intent of
finding errors
- Confirming that a system performs its intended
functions correctly
- Establishing confidence that a system does what it
is supposed to do
- The process of analyzing a system to detect the
difference between existing and required conditions
and to evaluate the feature of the system (IEEE/ANSI,
1983 [Std 829-1983]).

Why Software Testing?

To get adequate trust and confidence on the product.
To meet the Organizational Goals
-like meeting requirements, satisfied customers, improved market share, zero defects, etc
-Since the software can perform 100000 correct
operations per second, it has the same ability to
perform 100000 wrong operations per second, if
not tested properly

Approach to Software Testing

Detect and get corrected the bugs or defects
- Of varying impact (severity), of varying priority,
- at different stages of the development
- using different types of testing

Different approaches to testing
White Box and Black Box Testing
Dynamic and Static testing
Manual and Automated Testing
Verification and validation Techniques

White Box and Black

White Box testing: The software tester has access to the program/ code and examine it for errors. Also called Clear Box testing or Structural Testing
E.g.: Unit Testing
Black Box testing: The software tester only knows what the system is supposed to do, he does not know how it works internally. He has to test on the basis of expected outputs.
E.g.: System Testing

Static and Dynamic Testing

Static Testing: Code is examined without being executed
E.g.: Code Inspections, Reviews, Walk-through
Dynamic Testing: Code is executed and tested without, necessarily, being examined
E.g.: Black Box testing

Verification and Validation
Dynamic Testing: Code is executed and tested without, necessarily, being examined
E.g.: Black Box testing
Validation: Is a set of activities carried out to check whether we are ‘building the right system’
E.g.: Set of black box testing activities

Manual and Automated Testing
Manual Testing: Testing activities performed by people without the help of Software Testing Tools.
E.g.: Reviews, Unit testing
Automated Testing: Testing activities carried out with the help of Software Testing Tools
E.g.: Regression Testing, Performance Testing